Crutcher receives $20,000 grant; reinvests into community orgs

TULSA, Okla. - A national organization created to support activists recently awarded Dr. Tiffany Crutcher with $20,000.

Dr. Crutcher is one of the 20-recipients of the ''Black Voices for Black Justice Fund''. She became an activist after a Tulsa Police officer shot and killed her unarmed, twin brother Terence in 2016.

The "Black Voices for Black Justice Fund" was created to support the efforts of black leaders and promote changes that would end racial injustice, you can find more information about the program HERE.

Dr. Crutcher says she will invest the money into 10-different organizations across the state.

  1. African Ancestral Society
  2. Black Lives Matter – OKC youth group
  3. Carver Women of Power Booster Club
  4. Joshua Barre Foundation
  5. Joshua Harvey Foundation
  6. Justice for Greenwood Foundation
  7. Northside United Coalition of Clergy
  8. Not Forgotten Children Foundation
  9. The Power Group
  10. T-Town Satin Dolls youth dance group

Dr. Tiffany Crutcher stands on stage with her nephew Terence Crutcher Jr. during Tulsa's 2020 Juneteenth celebration.

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