Strengthening Communities

We work to build flourishing communities through leadership and economic development, creating a stronger culture of organizing and advocacy, and by re-envisioning public safety through community-based models.

When we envision a racially just, economically mobile future, we see a Tulsa where the side of the tracks a child is born doesn’t determine whether they grow up in unsafe neighborhoods with the constant presence of police cars, go to schools where metal detectors and “resource officers” are a fixture, learn in classrooms where teachers assume they’re up to no good, and must leave their family and community for quality educational and job opportunities. Our dream for Tulsa is one where neighbors know and support one another, conflict and crisis are rare and taken care of within community, and everyone has their needs met because resources are abundant and shared. Most importantly, our vision for Tulsa is one where currently oppressed communities have autonomy over their lives and their futures, instead of state actors, external service providers, or outside entities.

Read more about our strategies for action towards community safety in our comprehensive report.

Youth Leadership Development

Project L.E.A.D. (Leadership, Excellence, Achievement, and Development) empowers young people to proactively engage in political and community activism and to find their passion in the work towards liberation. This program uses evidence-based models to address systemic issues through lifting up and standing with young people who some may call at-risk; but we call at-power.


It is our desire to change the narrative that perceives black men as BAD DUDES and pipeline them into a "community of achievers" through personal growth, education, and attainable resources. We give yearly scholarships to Black youth to provide pathways for their future.

Terence Crutcher was trying to better his life through music and education. The Terence Crutcher Foundation has partnered with Tulsa Community College to help students who are determined to further their education and who may have a special interest in music and the arts.